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Food industry and production

Different types of filtering use wire cloth or scrim due to its good purity and durability. Woven wire cloth also has applications in the food industry for conveyor belts or drying facilities, ovens and more.

Our solutions

Filters and scrim

Wire cloth can be used for filtration of liquids and powders. Wire cloth is also the perfect material for sieve screens.

Food processing equipment

Wire cloth has different applications.

Counter at a machine that makes metal cloth.

Resistant to heat/cold and various liquids.

Wire cloth can have different designs of weave, density and material. This makes it versatile and perfect for food production environments.

Two sizes of cut-to-shape rounds in metallic cloth.

Drying facilities

Wire cloth is suitable for applications in air and freeze drying, where air can pass freely through the wire.

Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts can be made from easy-to-clean and temperature resistant wire cloth.

Industry challenges


Forsbergs Metallduk offers various types of post-processing including shaping, punching and cutting metal sheets. We can also offer bending, selvedges and more. Get in touch with your requirements and we will find a solution.

Made in Anderstorp

Manufactured in Sweden, in the small town of Anderstorp. For a guarantee of local manufacturing, traceability and fair working conditions which are fully sustainable, do business with Forsbergs Metallduk!

Tough environments

We offer wire cloth in different materials which can be used in most diverse and challenging environments. For example, we have acid-resistant and stainless steel which can be used in corrosive environments in industry, by the coast or on boats and ferries.

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