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Over the years we have built up solid experience in the wire cloth sector which allows us to produce the best products. Our quality certification also guarantees the highest quality of products at all times for you, the customer.


Wire cloth weaving is precision work where quality and accuracy are essential. Many metres of wire cloth are woven on our automatic machines with hundreds of wire threads which must be perfectly places to meet tolerances and provide the correct functionality in the end product.

Thanks to all our production taking place under one roof in Anderstorp, we have control over the whole process from winding the wire to weaving and post-processing. “Made in Anderstorp” is a seal of quality which reflects our expertise and experience. We are one of very few players in the market with our own production in the Nordic countries.

Gul metallväv i vävmaskin.


Forsbergs Metallduk AB is quality certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

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