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Wire cloth
– woven since 1913

Forsbergs Metallduk AB was founded in 1913 and is a family company with nine employees. We are almost the only woven wire cloth manufacturer in Sweden. We are proud of our craft, knowledge and traditions and the fact that we can offer locally manufactured products.


Our employees are highly skilled craftspeople in the field of wire cloth. Weaving wire cloth requires great precision both before and during the weaving process to create quality products with tight tolerances which are attractive.


The investments we have made in our premises, machinery and environment along with our team’s expertise have brought us to where we are today – a quality conscious and service-oriented supplier of wire cloth.


Our looms produce wire cloth with or without a selvedge. Modern, computerised machines which weave without a shuttle and classic machines with shuttles.

Shape-cut pieces of metal cloth

Different forms of wire cloth

We offer different types of post-processing for the wire cloth we manufacture. This may include cutting, punching or laser cutting to create the shape our customers require.

Different products from metal cloth

Wire cloth processing

We also offer processing of wire cloth in addition to cutting, such as welding, adding metal plates or frames and bending/shaping.

Forsbergs Pest protection

Our proprietary range, Forsbergs pest protection, includes various wire cloth products which prevent damage or injury by rats, pests, mice, insects and other animals. Pest protection can be used in ventilation, foundations and other places in houses, agriculture, warehouses and industry.

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