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Process industry

Wire cloth/scrim has multiple applications in the process industry. One of the main applications is as a filter for extruders.

Extruder filters range from single to multiple layers, combining different mesh sizes to achieve the required properties. At Forsbergs Metallduk we manufacture complete filters in customised sizes/forms with different layers.

Scrim or wire cloth can also be used as filters for gases, sieve cloths or touch protection.

Our solutions

Filter for liquid substances and gases

Wire cloth or scrim can be used for distribution, flow restriction or as a filter for unwanted particles.

Sieve cloth

Scrim, another name for woven wire cloth, can be used to sift or grind materials or to sort different fractions.

Two sizes of cut-to-shape rounds in metallic cloth.

Extruder filter

Forsbergs Metallduk manufacture different types of filters for extrusion – ask us about the options!

Counter at a machine that makes metal cloth.

Touch protection

Wire cloth or mesh can be used as touch protection.

Industry challenges

Long-term durability

Our wire cloths are manufactured using quality materials to be highly durable.

Tough environments

We offer wire cloth made from acid-resistant or standard stainless steel as well as copper, brass, bronze, iron and galvanised.

Locally produced

We are almost unique in manufacturing wire cloth in Sweden. We are proud to offer products which are “Made in Anderstorp”.

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